Why Linux?

I’ve been asked way too many times, “Why Linux?”

Like last week, I reached one of my clients offices and requested for a LAN cable to connect to the net.

“Why?” inquired a colleague.

“Well, cos I’ve just put in a new minimal Linux” I replied, “and I haven’t configured my laptop’s wireless yet.”

“So log into Windows,” he says.

“Well I have no Windows” I replied and then I sat down next to him, feeling mildly idiotic. But I used the LAN to fix my wireless in 10 minutes.

“That’s why I love Linux,” I say to my colleague triumphantly, and he turns to me grimacing and says, “Well if you’d just stuck to windows, you wouldn’t have needed this in the first place. It would have just – worked.”

He’s right.

But then, maybe my laptop would catch a virus and die. As I said, it is an antique.

But I’m dumbstruck with love. So I began my arguments.

I love it cos, it’s tiny and sets my antique hardware racing, unlike Windows, which freezes my old timer with a single click.

I love it cos, Linux doesn’t hurt the ones who love it. There are no malicious viruses that can harm a Linux system. That’s a Microsoft prerogative. So Linux means no viruses. Ever.

I love it cos Linux makes me feel smarter. It gives me enough tools to find my own solutions to most problems. I went from being a dependent, frustrated Windows user to mildly independent, semi-self-reliant Linux user.

I love Linux cos there are no strings attached, no hidden expenses, no upgrades a few months down the line. I can just get the latest version of any distro I use with a single line command.

Most importantly, if my computer crashes, I can just pull out another live linux CD to reboot and rescue my own data.


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Content writer, avid reader, traveler, photographer, epileptic, foodie, closet gardener and web watcher.
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