Arch In Shining Armor | The Sad Tale Of An Old Laptop

Once upon a time, there was an antique HP Pavilion Laptop with 512 RAM and a shuddering, collapsing Windows XP install. One fine day, for a fine price, the kindly yet materialistic Fairy Godmothers at the HP Store bestowed 4 GB RAM on the old HP and lo and behold! Suddenly, the laptop was young again! But try as they did, the curse of Windows Vista remained and so, even though the lappy was now faster, she was still a slow bitch to work on and we never quite lived happily ever after.

ARCH, A Lightweight, Minimal Rejuvenating Spell

Fast , Not Furious

Today, the HP sings songs of joy as she handles multiple programs and opens up a thousand tabs on Google Chrome, all without freezing or crashing.

Arch Linux Is Tiny

The base install took up a grand total of just under 100 MB of space.

It Is Stable

If done right, everything works and there are no nasty surprises lurking.

It Is Supportive

The team’s documentation is detailed, thorough and foolproof. Every question that pops up post-install is recorded and answered with clarity and simplicity.

It Has Great Connections

Where the group’s documentation fails or sounds too complex, Arch’s online community comes to the rescue with quick fixes and solutions.

Arch Is Not For Everyone

A word of caution though, Arch is so basic and stripped down, that I recommend it only for those who are comfortable using the command line. If you are dependent on a graphical interface to communicate with your computer, we recommend you try a milder, more Windows-like flavour of Linux, like the popular Ubuntu or SimplyMepis. The thing is, Arch doesn’t even ship with a Window Manager and so post-install, the new Linux user can get flustered when they find themselves face to face with a black screen and a single prompt sign. So, for the sake of your sanity, if you’ve never used Linux, stay away from Arch. But if you’ve used Linux for a while and know the basic command line functions, feel free to shift to Arch because your learning curve will rocket within hours of the installation.

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