The Wise Woman’s Way To Sensible Waste Management

It Doesn’t Take A Genius To Figure Out That Like Charity, Conservation Too Begins At Home.

It starts with simple gestures, like saving the water you use to rinse your dinner ingredients. It takes an extra two minutes to rinse over a bucket and the occupants of your kitchen window garden will be grateful for it. 

It starts with easy gestures like rinsing used tea leaves and chucking them into an old glass jar along with a few sprigs of fresh mint. Your hydroponic mint will grow lush and fresh, and you’ll never have to spend on store bought mint that comes halfway across the district to reach your plates.

It starts with growing your own greens in soil prepped with leftovers, peels and organic scraps. Try regular spinach, Malabar spinach, mustard greens and fenugreek, they grow rich, green and large in deeper pots or cracked old plastic buckets.

It starts with ensuring the raddiwala comes each month to take away newspapers and bottles, but never your takes your electronics. Every electronic item he takes away will wind up reaching an obscure slum, where it will be burned and stripped of all it’s components, for a few rupees more. To do so, children and old men will sit, bent over pots, brewing up lethal concoctions that will scar them for life, for a few rupees more.

It starts with little inconveniences, like carrying your own bag to take plastic out of circulation.

It starts with an understanding, that your every gesture counts. That in the long run, the health of the planet, and your health are closely related.

Consider This

Avoid processed foods. They are bad for your health as they contain artificial preservatives, trans-saturated fats and are often high in calories. Processed and pre-packed desserts tend to have higher sugar content as well. They are bad for your health.

Avoid processed foods. They are bad for the environment. They are sold with multiple layers of packaging – usually only plastic, but often with plastic, paper and cardboard. Each time you chose a nutribar over a traditional breakfast of upma or dosa, you’re adding more plastic to a landfill somewhere

To be green, you just have to be sensible about consumption. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to use some of the products in the market today.

Play safe, stay green.


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Content writer, avid reader, traveler, photographer, epileptic, foodie, closet gardener and web watcher.
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